To The Undesirable One

To the undesirable one,
Used, abused, and shattered inside.

You may not know me, but I know you:
Your past, your present, and your future.
I know your rising and your sitting down.

I know all that is you:
the very essence I created


You may not feel me,
you may not even know I exist,
But My heart is broken for you
in more ways than you could ever imagine.

It breaks as I see all the lies that have become your reality;
all the lies you let yourself believe.
My heart is torn as I see these become your identity,
As I see these become something you are not.

I see past all your cover-ups
To the agonizing burden you carry.

When people turn away, shame contorts your face.
Your confidence falters as your countenance falls in disgrace.
You survey your body,
noticing any and every mistake you possess.
They consume you, haunting your every thought.

Pain filters through your expression as you glance
at those around you, hoping they don’t see what you see.
You alter your stance, trying to hide all that is inadequate;
Trying to hide what is


To the one trying so hard to fix all the areas that don’t measure up.

I see past all the times you visit the gym,
two or three or more times a day:
If only you knew that doing so won’t give you worth.
It won’t give you the beauty you so desperately desire.


To the one told you are nothing,
with no gifts or talents to offer;
I see past all of your straight A’s,
All the times you’ve tried being the best at whatever you do.

You work so hard to be perfect.
You exhaust yourself trying to prove
your worth to those around you.
If only you knew that only I am the perfect One,
And in My perfection you will find power that
works best through your weaknesses.


To the one with a guarded heart,
so walled up and indestructible.
I see past the fortress around your very being,
Keeping any heartache and pain
from destroying you again.

If you only knew I am not like those in your life.
I value you and your heart
and I only have the very best in store for you.
You can trust Me with your life,

For I will never let you down.


To the one wounded from your past,
I see all of your scars:
The ones on you and the ones inside of you.

I see all the times drugs and alcohol become your escape.
I know all the times food has become a way for you to cope.
I collect all your tears of heartbreak from the ones
who used and abused you.
If only you knew the way you’re trying to survive won’t fix you.
It won’t help you heal or hide what is going on inside.


To the one stuck in the mire of your mistakes:
I see how hard you try to set yourself free,
Though you stumble time and again.

I see you desire My heart continually,
but never feeling capable of changing;
Of being able to rise above.
If only you knew My grace is more abundant
than any mistake you will ever make,
No matter how many times you make it.

For I am your Redeemer.


I see you like I saw the woman at the well:
An outcast in her community with a shameful past.

I see you like I saw the woman who bled for 12 years:
The one defiled who defied everything and everyone
just for a simple touch of healing.

Just like My desire with you,
I placed Myself in their path,
I purposely made it possible for them to encounter Me.
I put Myself in their life to set them free.

To heal them from their past, their pain, and their shame.
To offer them a hope and a future.


To My beloved:

If only you knew your true worth,
How much you matter.
If only you knew how much
I love you,
What that really means
and how beautiful you are.

The answer to all your pain is not found in others.
It is not found in fixing all your flaws,
Or being the very best.
It is found in Me.

I am your Abba Father, your Daddy
And in you I find no fault.

You are My treasure.
You no longer have to hide,
shame defining your life.

I love you because I am God
and I am good
and you, My child,
are My prized possession.


To the undesirable one:
You are undesirable no longer.

You. Are.


Your Father,

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