From Relevant Magazine: Have We Made An Idol Out Of Sexual Purity?

I discovered this article earlier today and I instantly knew I needed to share it. This is exactly how I have been feeling about purity the last few years (once I began to understand it more). In the church we totally make purity a once you have it, then it’s gone, never coming back, you’re toast, mentality that’s demeaning and pretty horrific. Instead of showing purity being something that encompasses your entire life, a lot of us in the church determine your purity based off of your sexual past.
To me, purity is SO much more than that. It’s in our actions, how we treat others, our words, and in our thoughts. It’s not a one-dimentional thing, it’s a 3D one.

I hope you read Debra’s post in this link I’ve provided. For those of you who have “lost your purity,” I hope you find freedom, healing, and encouragement from these words. For those of you who “haven’t,” I hope you also find conviction, correction, and encouragement as well. She has a lot of words of wisdom.

Have We Made an Idol Out of Sexual Purity?

Also, here is her official site.
You should go check it out!


Hope you have a blessed day!

Woman of Purity~


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