Letters To My Future Husband

Letter To My Future Husband, Pt. 5

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Well, at least it was when I first started writing this post.

The other day I was watching this show with my roommate and a thought struck me. I don’t know if you have or ever will ever watch the show Fixer Upper, but if you have/do, you’ll know what I mean when I say I was inspired, encouraged, and challenged by the couple in the show.

They are a Christian married couple that help people find a home and fix it up before they move in. That description of the show wasn’t the greatest, but those two… they are hilarious! The guy is quirky with corny lines that don’t make any sense and the woman is graceful and laughs at many things her husband says. What struck me though, was she never belittled him, ever. He, as well, never made fun of any of her ideas. They instead, complimented and encouraged each other.

WHAT? I don’t understand…

The next day I worked with one of my bosses. She’s co-owner of a cafe with her husband that I absolutely love working at. As we talked while cleaning/working, I was again struck with awe that these two were very in sync with each other. There was communication, mutual respect, and a clear understanding of their weaknesses and strengths. They found a way to balance each other out. The same goes for the other job I work at, which is also co-owned by a married couple. They know how to work well and get things done.

I don’t think these couples realize it (well, obviously the ones in Texas on the show don’t), but they are providing a HUGE testimony and lesson in love and respect of men and married couples. 

For seven years, from the age of 8.5 to almost 16, I had a lesson taught to me that was the exact opposite as these three couple, and 11 years later I’m still struggling to unlearn this horrible lie. Thankfully, I didn’t always have this example in my life as my birth mom and dad were a pretty solid couple in my little kiddo’s eyes, but the damage has definitely been done and I find myself fighting each day to replace this mentality with the truth:

Guys are not dumb. Guys are not weak, they are strong. Guys are especially not weak when they show vulnerabilities. Guys are called and loved by God. Guys are valuable, wanted, needed, equipped, courageous, meant to lead, worth waiting for, worth respecting and loving, especially where they are at right now. Guys are trustworthy, need us to have their back, and have God gifted/given abilities. 

You are not like my stepmom taught me guys are like. You are gold. You are a man of valor who is worth trusting. 

Now that I have these examples in my life, I will continue to learn from them, as well as from the other amazing ones at my church. I will learn how to talk to guys, interact with them, and respect them. I want to honor and respect you like God calls us women to, and I will do my best to learn that. I will continue to learn how to be vulnerable so you can be the leader God has called you to be, one who I can trust with my heart and life. I will continue to learn how to live with humility, so as to know my and others’ worth, so I can treat you how you deserve to be treated: with love and grace.

I am terrified to know who you are, yet I can’t wait to find out.

I am praying for you, always. 

Forever yours,

Woman of Purity~


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