Because I’m His

I had this dream last night… well, technically this morning in between snooze alarms, and on my way to work I realized the power of it. So… I’d like to share it with you.

This may be weird, so bear with me. 

Now normally, God doesn’t speak to me through my dreams – my dreams are usually just weird combination of bunches of activities from the day. Most don’t make sense. This one though, was awesome. Hopefully I can tell it in a way that makes some sense…

In my dream, I believe I was the ordinary me. But I wasn’t an ordinary me, because for some reason I was selected out of many by a wealthy, influential man. I was special for some reason, so he sent some security guys to come rescue me because others apparently had found out I was special and were trying to kill me. These guards found me in this mostly abandoned building just doing my ordinary day life stuff (almost felt Divergent-like). I remember feeling startled as they hurriedly told me to follow them because I was called and my life was in danger. 

When we left this building, snipers all around tried to shoot me while these security guards shielded me so I could safely get inside this vehicle that somehow turned into something between an old-school plane and a fighter jet from Star Wars.

As I, in slow motion (as most dreams apparently go?), ran for the car/plane, bullets were flying all around us, but for some reason none of us got hit. We then slowly took off from the ground amidst more flying bullets, and were able to make our way in the air away from all the guns and bullets. I thought for sure we’d be overtaken because of how slow our take off was, but for some reason, once we got in the air, all of the men with guns seemed to give up and they stopped pursuing us. I was confused as it didn’t make sense, especially because in movies they usually don’t. I thought for sure we needed to hide and go a sneaky way through the air so we wouldn’t get detected or shot down.

But none of that happened.

In the car/plane, there was one guy out of the group that stood out as the leader. Later in my dream he turned out to be the son of this wealthy, influential man. As we were in the air leaving the gunmen behind, and as confusion went through my head, he turned to me in awe and said, “They know you’re his.”

This didn’t fully make sense to me in my dream, but I smiled and kinda nodded my head like I understood (typical thing for me to do haha). When I finally got to the giant glass building/palace that this wealthy man lived in, people there were watching me in awe and wonder. I took it with stride as I tried piecing together the details of what this wealthy man would like from me and why I meant so much to him.

I think my dream then started turning into the Iron Fist show storyline that’s on Netflix, but then my snooze alarm went off again so I don’t know how it ended. I actually had to get up and get ready for my day after that last snooze alarm. (Anyone elder snooze their alarm 3+ times a morning?)

On my way to work though, about a half hour later, this song by the artist JJ Heller came on titled, “Fully Known.” As the words from her song flowed through the air, some  lyrics stuck out to me, “You are fully known by the Author, of space and time…” and it dawned on me: The wealthy, influential man was God.
I also pieced together the snipers and other gunmen were the enemy trying to shoot me down, but were unable to do so, because honestly, when you’re His, they can’t touch you. They just create a fear to influence your life so it feels like they actually do. Those security guys were God’s angels, sent to protect me from these bullets and the fear that comes from the sniper’s presence.

It also occurred to me that the leader/son was actually the Holy Spirit and Jesus. It was cool… at one point in the dream it seemed as if he was in as much awe of me as I was of him. Except… it wasn’t awe on His part. It was more like delight. He was delighted I was there in His presence.

Edit: On my way to work today (9.6.17), I was thinking about my story and how God had called me to share it with others. I wondered aloud about it, exclaiming that I couldn’t believe He would choose ME to share this story. That He would use me for something so awesome. And then it hit me. This special something I possessed in this dream that the wealthy influential man wanted… was my story. It was powerful and impactful. Is, actually. That’s why He wanted me and why the snipers wanted me dead. They didn’t want me to share it. I sat in awe just trying to grasp this revelation. Who am I, that He would choose me? I am so humbled and honored…

Anyway, I don’t know where you’re at today or what’s going on with your life, but I want to take an opportunity to encourage you through this odd dream of mine that you are HIS… He has your back and He will always protect and take care of you. Trust in Him, believe in Him, have faith in Him, and you’ll be safe and able to move mountains in your life. Yes, life will still suck sometimes, but know He’s still there through it all. And He personally sends Himself and His secret service (angels) to go with you.

I hope you have a blessed rest of your day,

Woman of Purity~


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