Year Recaps

2019: Year of Increase

One 2nd day of January 2019 I wrote this in my notes app:

“In order for me to see what God wants for me, where He’s taking me, what His vision for my life is… I need to get myself out of the way.

I’ve walled myself up to keep God at a distance although not always intentionally. I’ve kept God from all that He has in store for me. No more.

I am to put myself aside, especially my expectations. I am to be faithful with whatever God has placed in front of me… HE will bring the increase, the clarity, the vision.

Apparently, this word from the Lord was for another, but I wrote down that I felt like the Lord also meant it for me. I can’t even tell you how incredibly perfect this word is, looking back at my notes, and holding it against this past year and all that has happened.

I went into the year with 0 expectations for what God was going to do, although deep down I was hoping He meant increase financially and in my single women’s ministry. Based on the last few years, I’ve learned that whatever I think will happen each year with these specific words aren’t quite what God has in store. I knew if I created any expectations, I’d be left feeling disappointed. I didn’t want that, so I decided I was going to let God do His thing.

Which of course, He totally did. I think this past year has been one of my favorite years so far.

Looking back through my notes, there is one constant theme I found throughout the year:

But first and most importantly seek (aim at, strive after) His kingdom and His righteousness [His way of doing and being right — the attitude and character of God], and all these things will be given to you also.

Epiphany after epiphany written throughout different months (apparently I paid attention to what I’d written before) talking about different ways God was asking or telling me to delight myself in Him, to seek Him, to wait on Him… and *HE* would bring things to pass.

I would love to say I learned this lesson well, that I learned to make God #1 always. Unfortunately, I’m human (shocker), so these lessons came in spurts. I had to constantly remind myself to seek after Christ… to let Him do His work. (I’m so incredibly thankful we serve a patient God!) Where He works, it’s never half-done. He always completes what He starts and it’s always good. I just need to trust that and be faithful…

Here are a few tangible ways God showed me that seeking His guidance was the best for me to do:

1. I got into a car accident. God asked me to trust Him with financial provision for the car. I had learned the hard way that saying no caused things to not go well (ask me sometime about this… it’s rather entertaining), so I chose to put my trust in Him – because of it, my old car was totaled, I didn’t have to fork out another $3k to get it repaired and repainted, AND I have an awesome new car.

2. I let Him do His work in my small group. Because of this, it’s grown twice as big and we will be dividing next month in order to multiply more.

3. This blog is doing the best it’s ever done.

4. I am about to head into a season of real growth. I’m being challenged to step out into the unknown and to be intentional about following God’s plan for my life.

Which leads me to segue into my word for next year: Intentional

This past decade has been one of me discovering more of who I am. I went through a quarter-life crisis a couple years in. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I was confused and frustrated as my years of college appeared to have been wasted. I decided to follow the open doors to wherever they led me. Before I knew it, I found my niche and my comfort zone. I’ve been stewing in it since, but I know God has called me for more.

This next decade will be devoted to finding that and going from there.

I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store!

Many blessings to you,

Woman of Purity~



Photo by Arun Kr from Pexels



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