Motherhood, Singleness

Empty Womb Forgotten Dream

Empty womb
Dreams forgotten
Desire waning
Hope flickering

I look down
Arms empty
Heart sore
Pain searing

To have my own child
While time is still young
Oh my heart cries for
Those impossible moments

Sobs catch
Tears flow

Surely the Lord knows
The desires of my heart
To have a love of my own
And children all mine

Why then is my quiver not full

Chaos moments
Stories to share
Memories to cherish
Family forever

Time is fleeting
Before my eyes
I wish I could stop it
To catch up

But it may never be so
Someday I’ll know why
In the meantime do I trust
That God won’t let me down

Faith activated
Trust increased
Hope ignited
Heart opened

Lord willing

Dreams fulfilled
Quiver full


Woman of Purity~













































































































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