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Fragile Heart – Leanna Crawford

I’m supposed to be working, and I promise I am, HOWEVER… ladies.
This song.
It’s SO good.
*insert crying face*

The lyrics hit home so much, I have to share!

Verse 1:
The worst of it is over now
The storm becomes the calm
The sun is slipping through the clouds
Showing me the damage done

To say that I’ve been beaten up
Doesn’t even scratch the surface
I’m past the point of acting tough
We both know how deep my hurt is

I’ve heard that You’re the God
That can restore what this world steals
Well, I’m in a thousand pieces
Would You show me how it feels

When a fragile heart finds healing hands
The places numbed by pain start to feel again
Where you fell apart becomes where you begin
When a fragile heart finds healing hands

Verse 2:
I’m sure there will be lessons learned
And purpose from the pain
But right now I don’t even have
The strength to turn the page

So hold on to me, Jesus
‘Cause the more I feel You near me
These jagged lines from every break
Are slowly disappearing

All the tears turn into memories
And the chains, they fall down at Your feet
Right here, is where
What was broken, now is beautiful
What was ashes, now a miracle

I hope this song blesses you like it does me 🙂

Woman of Purity~


6 thoughts on “Fragile Heart – Leanna Crawford”

      1. Hope you don’t mind me gatecrashing your women’s blog, I strive to be a man of purity so I guess I am welcome here! 😉 And those lyrics speak to me as a man just as much as I know they speak to you as woman. God breaks and restores men in the same way 🙂


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