How Do You Combat Self-Hatred?

You’d think I’d be fine. Life’s starting to fall into place for me: I’ve got my dream job (working for my church) and have just published a book. Two things I’ve been striving to accomplish for years. And yet here I am, silently screaming to God as I look in the mirror through tear clouded eyes, shaking violently inside as the emotions struggle to contain themselves, “I hate myself! I HATE myself!!”

Year Recaps

2020: Year of Being Intentional

Oh 2020. The year we'll all remember. The year the world seemed to implode more and more as time went on. For many, this year was hard and discouraging. Many lost their jobs and loved ones. Friendships and families were split and severed because of differencing of opinions. Anger and hostility ran rampant. All were… Continue reading 2020: Year of Being Intentional