25 and a Virgin: Why I Am Waiting

Ha, this is going to be interesting. I haven't tackled this kind of subject in, well, ever. This whole post is a bit terrifying to talk about, mostly because I worry I won't make sense as my thoughts are a bit scattered and/or that I will sound like a silly, prude, and brittle Christian female… Continue reading 25 and a Virgin: Why I Am Waiting


Struggling With Self-Hatred Pt. 2

Wow... Where do I even start? The last post I have written on this blog I ended up pouring out my heart with all the pain and heartache I had stored up over the years of abuse from parents in my life as well as from myself. I had been at the end of my… Continue reading Struggling With Self-Hatred Pt. 2


Becoming A Woman of Purity

Hello Everyone!I have decided to create a blog so I will be able to share thoughts, inspirations, scripture passages, and other things God has given me to help you along with your walk with God! It is a passion of mine to live life to the fullest, especially a life of purity. This for me… Continue reading Becoming A Woman of Purity