Because, Therefore

I had randomly turned my Bible to the passage above which quickly caught my attention because I had previously highlighted it. Knowing it was going to be good, I quickly scanned the verses to see what it said.
Instantly two words caught my attention:
Because and Therefore
How many of us in our lives can with ease say, “Because God did ____, therefore I will____.”??
ALSO, how many of us can say this with the complete assurance that David had?
“Because He has inclined his ear to me, therefore I will call upon Him as long as I live.”
I want that kind of faith. I want that kind of trust. I want that kind of complete confidence.



What Exactly Does The Bible Say About Sex Before of Marriage?

Now, I grew up being told sex before marriage is damaging; that it wasn’t God’s original design. I just had never really taken time to look it up for myself. I only took my parents’, teachers’, and pastor’s word for it. They were older than me, so they must know all! – right?

But then I went to college and into the real world. Since then, I’ve heard countless points from people who are okay with having sex before marriage.

As much as these questions and thought process appear to bring order in my life towards my future spouse, I’m not interested in living based off of human logic. I want to know what GOD says.