Letters To My Future Husband

Letter To My Future Husband, Pt. 8

I was just thinking about you today while taking a walk during my lunch break at work. It was a nice, relaxing walk, especially as thoughts of you filled my mind.  I was thinking about our future together and all that God was going to do in and through our lives together... *sigh* And then fear struck.

Letters To My Future Husband

Letter To My Future Husband, Pt. 5

Happy Valentine's Day! Well, at least it was when I first started writing this post. The other day I was watching this show with my roommate and a thought struck me. I don't know if you have or ever will ever watch the show Fixer Upper, but if you have/do, you'll know what I mean… Continue reading Letter To My Future Husband, Pt. 5

Spiritual Growth

When You Should Pray?

Have you ever had those friends who while talking with them get encouraged, challenged, and strengthened? No matter where they are at in their own life, struggling or not, they are so completely in tune with Christ that they always have some kind of wisdom, word of encouragement/affirmation, and challenge for my life. Anyway, I… Continue reading When You Should Pray?