Year Recaps

2019: Year of Increase

One 2nd day of January 2019 I wrote this in my notes app: "In order for me to see what God wants for me, where He's taking me, what His vision for my life is... I need to get myself out of the way. I've walled myself up to keep God at a distance although… Continue reading 2019: Year of Increase

Year Recaps

2018: Year of Vulnerability

I wish I could say this year went the way I wanted it to. I wish I could tell you that I knew how God was going to work on Vulnerability in my life. I wish I could... but unfortunately, God doesn't quite work like that, ha. He has a plan for my life that I could never predict, no matter how hard I tried. It’s easy to look back on the year and see all the disappointments of God not doing what I thought He would... or I can look back and search for the evidence of His work in my life and see...