My First Blog: The Result of a Closed-Minded 23 Year Old

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Many of my friends were posting an article on Facebook today written by a 23 year old blogger who came up with a list of 23 things to do besides getting married at 23. Really, all it did was show the world how bad she is at coming up with fun things to do as a single 23 year old woman, and how close-minded she is. However, I must thank her- she is the inspiration behind my very first blog!

I posted a status addressing a few of her poorly thought out suggestions, but I’ll take it a step further here, mainly because I have more space. Before I begin, I’ll let you know, I was (am) 25 when I got married. I am not for or against marrying young. I do not believe there is an “appropriate” age to get married, only an appropriate mindset. So no, I do…

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1 thought on “My First Blog: The Result of a Closed-Minded 23 Year Old”

  1. I wrote an in depth response to the 23 Things to Do Instead of Getting Engaged Before You’re 23 and the response from The Result of a Close Minded 23 Year. My response takes a step back and does not approach these blogs from personal preference. It is meant to encourage young women to do what you think best fits you. My Response offers a no bias towards married or single women but it encourages woman to follow the right path for their personal choice.

    Please read it here: http://hannahkrisheq.blogspot.com/2014/01/dont-tell-me-what-to-do.html


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