Waiting vs. Preparing

Words of wisdom right there!! Love what this girl has to say! Definitely something to think about and ponder on!

The Road to Knowing

So, I have this problem. I’m pretty sure it’s chronic and it’s most certainly not healthy. Almost every night I find myself staring at wedding boards on Pinterest, proposal videos on YouTube, and wedding videos on Vimeo. This has seemingly no purpose other than for me to dream up a perfect wedding that I will most likely never be able to afford. I know this isn’t a problem that is limited to me. Every girl learns from a very young age that one of life’s main goals is to be married to the perfect prince charming. You know– the big dress, Cinderella, fireworks and castle type deal.

But the Lord has been teaching me a lot lately. About relationships and about the eventuality of marriage. Sometimes I have to check myself and remember that I’m just 18. There’s no need to rush or to even begin to question God’s timing.

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