Letters To My Future Husband

Letter To My Future Husband, Pt. 3

I read this article today on Facebook that made me think of you. 

It was about this woman who learned how to love her husband through doing his laundry. She was frustrated because he worked long hours each day and realized she nagged him too when he got home. But as she began putting his clothes in the washer one day, she realized the difference between her clothes and his: his were worn down and hers were nice and newer. It dawned on her that he worked hard so she could have what she desired in life, and he did it all without any complaint, because he loved what he did, at work and for his family. After that, her love for her husband changed as she began to respect him more and more.

And then I was like, “I wanna do my husbands laundry!” *insert crying face*

There will be days I will be tired, lazy, irritable, and difficult, so I can’t promise to always be like this, but I honestly can’t wait to take care of you. I guess I should word that a little better since guys don’t want another mother in their life, but in a non-mothering way, I can’t wait to walk through life with you.

I’ve seen it and I’ve heard about it that marriage is hard… REALLY hard. It might take me a while to learn how to love you best, though I hope and pray I will learn this before we marry. 

Will you feel love best through acts of service?

Words of affirmation?

Physical touch?

Quality time? (hint, this is mine)

Gift giving?

In the mean time… while I wait for you, I promise you now that I will learn more how to love others so I will know beter how to love you. More importantly though, I will learn to allow myself to be loved. I can only love well when I am loved myself. And who to love me best than Love Himself? 

I promise to continue in my journey of healing. I am slowly learning my worth and value in this world through my identity in Christ. It’s slow, but I’m getting there.

I am praying for you. I hope you are continuing to grow in your relationship with Jesus and letting His gifts manifest in your life. I can’t wait to meet you/learn who you are. 

Love you in advance,

Woman of Purity~


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