Letters To My Future Husband

Letter To My Future Husband, Pt. 8

I was just thinking about you today while taking a walk during my lunch break at work. It was a nice, relaxing walk, especially as thoughts of you filled my mind.

I was thinking about our future together and all that God was going to do in and through our lives together… *sigh*

And then fear struck.

“What if I don’t meet someone with their heart’s desire to pursue Christ and living a life that honors Him? What if I don’t meet someone who wants to continually grow and develop their faith?”

All of these “what ifs” overwhelmed me, causing me to want to retreat back into my hole of familiarity, one that keeps me single and “safe.” I almost couldn’t handle it, as my heart raced more and more and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. But then I stopped.

Obviously this fear wasn’t from God.

So I prayed. I lifted up my fears to Him, the one who writes the BEST life AND love stories, the One who can make all things beautiful in its time. I lifted you up in prayer, wherever you’re at today.

As I whispered these prayers and began to release you and the unknown to God, I felt peace and I felt God stir in my heart these words, “Trust me with him. I got him. I will take care of him. You won’t be disappointed.”

Gah! Tears are coming to my eyes a bit as I, again, let those words wash over me. I know you’re not going to be perfect, but I know with God writing our story, you’re going to be perfect for me and it’s going to be one awesome love story.

I can’t wait to get to know who you are and fall in love with you.

I hope you’re having a blessed day.


Woman of Purity~




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